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Is there a free lunch? Probably not. Beware of designers offering “FREE” design services. If a designer is selling you a product, be it cabinets, furnishings or architectural finishes, chances are, that they are burying a hefty mark-up in providing those products.

Conversely, there are designers who rely on their expertise and experience in design to provide a transparent contract. When working with a designer, ask for a proposal which outlines the scope of work and the design product that they will be providing. This scope should clarify exactly what the deliverables will be and outlines how the designer works. That includes not only the design services but designer discounts on products that may be passed onto you, the consumer.

It’s really up to you to do your homework. Ask questions. Don’t assume that anything is free. Ask your designer what their mark-up will be on the products that will be provided.

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