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To DIY or Not DIY? Hiring a Designer

Gee, doesn’t HGTV make it look easy. It may be easy if you have experience in remodeling. So here are a few pitfalls of DYI.
1. What does that little paint chip that you are looking at under fluorescent light in the store really look like in a whole room at home?
2. What is the difference in carpet fibers and construction. Why does it matter if you are going to live in your house for 1 more year or 15 years?
3. You really like this sample of granite that you picked up from the design store but it is such a small piece. Will the whole countertop look like this?
4. You have a small budget and need new shower tiles. How much do things cost and where should you start looking.
5. You have been working on your remodel for 6 months and you and your husband can’t decide on anything.
6. You thought the project would take 2 weeks and now it is going on 4 months. What happened?

Working with a designer may seem like an expensive proposition but any professional designer with experience should be able to save you time and money with their expertise. Contractors love working with designers when they produce construction documents that tell them how to build.Stop spinning your wheels and bite the bullet. You’ll be glad you hired a designer.

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