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Timing Your Remodel

Most people planning a home remodel usually think about starting this process in the spring. It makes sense after the holidays and family gatherings. Construction flows better in warm weather. IMG_5238However, contractors get busy, projects get delayed, city planning gets backed up, engineering may be 2 months out, and the project may take longer because of all the delays.
Lets step back and think about this in a different way.Contractors generally slow down in the winter. Their bids may become more competitive as work slows down. Maybe you are going away for the holidays and not having to entertain. If this is your scenario, why not consider starting your home remodel in the late fall or early winter when contractors are more readily available and need to keep their crews going. It’s a great time to be busy with a project, especially if you live where I do when the weather turns to the worse at Halloween without fail.
Depending on the size of your project, it is foreseeable to have your project complete before the holidays.

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