Checking Credentials for Architects and Designers

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When hiring a contractor it is best to check out their contractor’s license and their standing with the state builders board. For architects, or for those calling themselves architects, ask them for their license, as well. Don’t be deceived by drafters calling themselves architects. When it comes time to being legally responsible for construction documents, make sure your ‘architect’ is covering you and your design.

Unfortunately there is no licensing for interior designers in the state of Oregon. However, there is one question you may ask of your designer to check out their credibility. “Have you taken/passed the NCIDQ exam?” The National Council of Interior Design Qualification oversees a comprehensive 2 day exam which acts as a licensing exam in the states who have licensing. It insures that the designer has a qualified education and x number of years of experience to even sit for the exam.

It is up to the consumer to know what they are getting in terms of architectural and design expertise. Just like contractors, architects can be legally responsible for design outcomes.

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Are Design Services Ever Really Free?

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Is there a free lunch? Probably not. Beware of designers offering “FREE” design services. If a designer is selling you a product, be it cabinets, furnishings or architectural finishes, chances are, that they are burying a hefty mark-up in providing those products.

Conversely, there are designers who rely on their expertise and experience in design to provide a transparent contract. When working with a designer, ask for a proposal which outlines the scope of work and the design product that they will be providing. This scope should clarify exactly what the deliverables will be and outlines how the designer works. That includes not only the design services but designer discounts on products that may be passed onto you, the consumer.

It’s really up to you to do your homework. Ask questions. Don’t assume that anything is free. Ask your designer what their mark-up will be on the products that will be provided.

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Staying in your home as long as you can

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Are you challenged with short or long term accessibility in your home? Many baby boomers want to age in place. They have a solid financial investment, they can’t bear to give up their garden, neighbors, and privacy.

Creating safe and enriching home environments for seniors and accessibility for all ages doesn’t mean tearing everything out. It may be the simple addition of grab bars, widening doorways, better lighting, and safe walking surfaces. Color and light together are critical  components as we age. Our eyesight changes ever so gradually so that we don’t notice how important lighting is for function and quality of living.

A quick analysis of your home my help you decide if you can stay as long as you would like.

Remodeled bathroom for a wheelchair bound family member

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Tired of waiting for that new kitchen?

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A fun kitchen to be in

There are so many reasons to remodel your kitchen besides the obvious improvement of functionality. Consider the aesthetic joy of walking into your newly remodeled kitchen and beholding the beauty. Marvel at the way it flows and offers everything at you finger tips. When it comes time to sell your home it will add volumes of value because no one wants to remodel…period.

What? You didn’t just win the lottery? There are many clever ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. Of course, you can gut the whole thing and start over, but you may not need to. If it has good structural bones and a solid layout, cosmetic surgery may be your best bet. A simple consultation can quickly determine the value in both. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Let a professional assess your situation and go from there.

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Home Upgrades for That Emotional Connection

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Does your home need a little updating before you put it on the market, but…… it is just not in your budget? Minor improvements like painting a controversial wall color, or replacing a worn, soiled carpet can make all the difference in the world. Buyers want to, ideally, move into a home that needs little or no remodeling. Upgrades also tell the buyer that you have taken care of your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive areas to upgrade and can be done cleverly on a shoestring budget. Your selling price will speak volumes and go up dramatically when you carefully select the areas to improve. That includes the exterior for that curbside appeal and first impression.

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Buyers Need Visual Clues

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Have you  ever heard “How would you put furniture in this room?” from a buyer or even in your own thoughts. It is not unusual for most people to have a hard time visualizing how an empty space will work. Trained interior designers and professional stagers are able to “see” how a room will work, what scale of furnishings will compliment the home, assess the amount of natural and artificial light coming into a room for color application, and which styles of accessories are appropriate. A staged home will immediately give the buyer the information they need to visualize themselves living in that space.

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Are All Stagers Created Equal?

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Lake Oswego new construction

 Would you trust a mechanic that has no experience working on your type of car or would you take your car to an experienced shop that specializes in working on your car type?

Would you rather work with a stager who has no background in interior design or a stager who has a bachelors degree in interior design and comes with years of experience in either residential and/or commercial design? It seems like a silly question.

Experience translates into comprehensive consultations, attention to detail and time savings. The bottom line is about saving money while receiving a quality product.

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